Applicants who meet the minimum admission criteria and enrol for the qualification first are accommodated. The institution assesses applicants throughout the year and adopts a first-come-first-served approach. The number of successful-applicant intake is predetermined according to what the institution can accommodate. The infrastructural capacity, therefore, restricts admission to the programme to a fixed number. The institution will not exceed infrastructural capacity, as this will compromise the quality of teaching and learning. It is, therefore, advisable for students to apply as early as possible, keeping in mind the minimum requirements for application to the academy.

The institution acknowledges, and takes into account, that applications from individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or under-resourced high schools will be marginalised to an extent due to poor access to information and/or lack of exposure to the vocational sector. In all instances, however, the selection criteria and processes will not discriminate based on the resources used in compiling the creative portfolio or essay part of the application.

For applicants from a disadvantaged background, alternative admission routes (such as sourcing of external funding and the academy’s introductory course) can be recommended. This additional year is offered on a part-time basis and is intended to equip students who have not satisfied the minimum entrance requirements to obtain the essential skills required in order to cope with the technical and academic demands of first-year study. Although progression from foundation year to first year of study is not guaranteed, this additional year allows the academy to increase the possibility of admitting students to first year from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or under-resourced high schools. Furthermore, the part-time nature of this additional year is intended to support the preferential and financial needs of mature students or students who rely on funding from part-time employment.