Farbe Design and Movepretty visit Elizabeth Galloway

Elizabeth Galloway Farbe
Elizabeth Galloway MovePretty

From time to time EGAFD invites successful roll players in the industry to come and share their experience with our students. Yesterday we had two very inspirational visitors on campus.

In the morning, Estelle Joubert from Farbe Design addressed the first years, and after lunch Movepretty’s Annelize Kotze had the floor.

Both ladies recounted how they came to start a fashion company, and gave students advice on what one needs to be aware of in the fashion industry.

Although the two businesses focus on different products (Farbe Design makes corporate and sportswear, while Movepretty produces ladies’ active and leisure wear), the key messages from both speakers were the same:

  1. Get as much experience as possible, it is never wasted.
  2. Make sure you have the right business partner/ a good financial adviser. Meticulous bookkeeping is essential.
  3. Make sure you understand your client’s needs.
  4. Test a new product well.
  5. Don’t settle for less, LOVE what you do.

Sound advice!