Big, small, over-sized or clutch… classic leather, or bright and colourful, a handbag is the ultimate accessory to finish off your look. Not only are handbags practical, they can also be used as a key statement piece to bring your whole look together and really make it pop.

New York Fashion Week has given us some inspiration to guide us in the direction of how we’ll be wearing our handbags this winter, with four key trends that made their mark.

The Statement Clutch

This winter we’ll be seeing LOTS of clutch bags as they make a massive come back. They key is: Boxy and Bright. Very colourful and very loud. Embellished and interesting. Wear your statement clutch with absolute confidence.

Matchy-Matchy: Urban Camouflage 

If you’re going for this look, you need to commit to it. Massively on-trend, this look is being worn by dedicated fashion lovers.


The ethical thing to do, is to wear faux. But ethical or not, fur was a big trend at this year’s NYFW.



For both guys and girls, this practical bag will prove to be not only very handy, but also very trendy.




Whichever bag suits your style best, be sure to incorporate it into your collection this winter.