Fashion is part of everyone’s life… but for some people it IS their life. Unfortunately not everyone can study Fashion Design full-time. This is why Elizabeth Galloway offers two different part time courses, each aimed at different learner needs. On offer are a selection of Short Courses as well as an Introduction To Fashion Design Part-Time Course.

Our Short Courses offer practical skills training, but also the essential business and technical skills you’ll require to make it in the fashion industry. We believe that fashion is a life-long learning journey, and we aim to equip our students with the fundamentals they’ll need in order to continue this journey on a personal level through their own passion and commitment. The Short Courses run in 4 or 5 day blocks between 14:00 and 18:00, and is flexible, so you can choose whichever blocks interest you. For more information on the different Short Courses, and the fields of study covered, click here.

The other part time course on offer is our Introduction To Fashion Design Course. This course runs from March to November and can act either as an introduction to our 3 year full-time course, introducing you to the world of fashion design techniques and teaching you a host of new skills, or as an empowering and educational course for those who are interested in branching out as an entrepreneur. To see which courses are coming up, click here.

So if you have a passion for the fashion industry, and want to learn more, browse our website for more information on the Academy and what our different part time courses have to offer you.