The Part-Time Fashion Design Course is ideal for those who are interested in exploring the study of fashion. This course covers the following subjects: Fashion Design, Fashion Drawing and Illustration, Pattern and Garment Construction and Textiles.

Harriet Worthington, Introduction to Fashion Design student in 2012, has this to say about the course:
The course provided me with a great foundation in terms of getting to know the basics involved in fashion design as well as the fashion industry. It has enabled me to gain the necessary knowledge to move forward in my career as a fashion buyer.

Nicole Hannah, Pattern and Garment Construction facilitator on this course has this to say:
The Introduction to Pattern drafting and Garment Construction can create a creative stir in the minds of those who think that they only want to remain business oriented in their career. This course will help unlock skills that may not have been explored; this could benefit a career in the long term. At the end of the course, the students walk away as more sophisticated and knowledgeable consumers in the fashion industry.

This course is designed to help kick start existing or new careers in fashion by engaging the student in the processes that takes an idea from a design sketch to a rail-ready garment.

Stephan Olivier, Drawing and Illustration facilitator on the course sums up as follows:
Introduction to Fashion Design is an amazing key in unlocking the creative world to Fashion Design. Fashion Drawing and Illustration grant you wings to your ideals and ideas.