Fee Policy

Students are not required to purchase their own machinery or computers. The Academy has industry standard facilities for student use. The Academy prefers that students work on industrial machinery and CAD software on campus. Students are encouraged to purchase their own equipment once they know their preferences and understand how the equipment works. It is not a requirement to own their own machinery or computers at any stage of their studies. The facility is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

The amount payable for Studio materials covers the initial tools and textbooks which are issued as a kit to you at registration. The only cost that will vary from the fee schedule is your shop and materials account, which you may need to top-up depending on how you use and choose your materials. In addition to the course fees, students should budget for materials bought off-campus, especially in their 3rd year. During 1st and 2nd year class exercise materials are often supplied and then charged to the students’ shop accounts.  Supplying materials in this way ensures the correct fabrics are used and minimises students’ time spent driving to various suppliers to source their own fabrics.

If the student discontinues or changes course of study at any time, there will be no cancellation or reduction of fees. The person responsible for payment of student fees will still be liable for the full payment of the year’s fees, unless the student discontinues due to serious injury sustained or condition diagnosed after enrolment, terminal illness or death. The person responsible for payment of student fees is encouraged to disclose any pre-existing conditions before enrolment. This information gives Academic personnel the opportunity to advise a different course structure if they consider it necessary for the student to be successful.

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