Adult Learner Programme:  Italian Pattern Making

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It is ironic that once one’s fashion sense has crystalized one tends to become dissatisfied with what is available commercially. Knowing exactly what you want makes it hard to settle for less.

Elizabeth Malherbe, founder of the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion, has come up with the ideal solution.

Elizabeth is running a part time Adult Learners course in Italian Pattern Making. Participants learn to draw up patterns for garments from scratch, to their own measurements and preferences. This will enable them to in future sew their own unique, well-fitting clothes, or even become entrepreneurs who make garments for others.

The Adult Learners Italian Pattern Making class is fun as well as instructive. Elizabeth maintains a perfect balance between imparting a particular skills set and allowing creativity to flourish. What you learn here, will have you wearing amazing garments for the rest of your life!


The Adult Learner programme is presented on Thurdays.

  • Runs over 44 weeks from the first week in February to the last week in November.
  • Classes are held every Thursday morning between 09h00 and 12h00.
Introduction to Fashion Cousre
Introduction to Fashion Cousre

Requirements and Cost

There is no age restrictions or academic requirement for joining the programme, but you need intermediate experience in sewing and making clothes, as introductory skills do not form part of this course. (For those, students are encouraged to enrol on the Introduction to Fashion Design programme).

Fees are R450 per class attended, payable on a monthly billable basis. There is no registration fee.

As for materials, R1000 will cover pattern making equipment, including the Italian patternmaking book and specialized ruler. Bring your own basic sewing equipment (tracing wheel, measuring tape, etc.) and stationery. Other materials are available from the EG onsite shop, if needed.

The 2016 Adult Learners class proudly showing their diverse creations on the catwalk at the EGAFD annual graduate fashion show:

Introduction to Fashion Cousre

Images: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

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