Diploma in Fashion Design

(three-year, full-time)

Purpose and Rationale of the Diploma Qualification

The diploma qualification was developed to cover all aspects necessary to meet the increasingly sophisticated and technologically advanced needs of a Creative Practitioner within the fashion design context and industry. It also covers all day-to-day activities and skills required of a successful fashion designer. Students are trained and exposed to related roles and job opportunities in the fashion design practice, textiles, editing/journalism, styling, fashion design retail and the apparel industry.

The diploma qualification, at its core, is devised to engage the student in the practical, written and theoretical aspects of Design and Product Development. This foundation of the Fashion Design Process is underpinned by a robust selection of courses and modules that includes study and practice in Creative Computing, Textiles Understanding and Development, Business and Retail Theory and Practice and Design Management. The diploma programme is planned to stimulate critical thinking and professional methodology, with contextual studies covering topics of cultural, historical and contemporary practice and theory in fashion design.

The diploma qualification is devised to offer a wide range of activities in a structured course that will stimulate creative, informed, research and practice driven outcomes. Although the key skills and required sound technical ability are at the core of all module outcomes the qualification aims to stimulate individuality. The transferable skills of any good design practitioner such as professionalism, self-management, studio skills and creative expression are key components to all assessment and module outcomes.


Admission Requirements

Students wishing to enrol for this qualification must have:
Diploma Pass (No Specific Subjects)

To conclude, the diploma qualification aims to create a generalist who is able to:

  • Respond to technical and theoretical problems.
  • Identify significant issues in any given design context.
  • Take own initiative in implementing a plan of action in respect of design enterprise.
Diploma in Fashion course
Diploma in Fashion course
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Saqa Qual ID Qualification Title
82946 Diploma: Fashion Design
Originating Provider
Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design
Quality Assuring Body
CHE – Council on Higher Education
Qualification Type Field Subfield
Diploma Field 02 – Culture and Arts Design Studies
Minimum Credits Old NQF Level New NQF Level
388 Level 6 NQF Level 06
Registration Status   Check Registration Status on SAQA Website
Registered   allqs.saqa.org.za

Summary of fee schedule for Diploma First year:

*Note: Students are not required to purchase their own machinery or computers.
The Academy has industry standard facilities for student use. The Academy prefers that students work on industrial machinery and CAD software on campus. Students are encouraged to purchase their own equipment once they know their preferences and understand how the equipment works. It is not a requirement to own their own machinery or computers at any stage of their studies.

SADC students Rate
Initial payment towards 2017 Tuition fees at Enrolment R 12 000
Registration by registration date R 2 700
Levies by registration date R 4 7 00
Studio materials by registration date R 8 500
Sub-total of Payments due before or by registration R 27 900
Balance of tuition fee due in 11 equal instalments of R 4 610 R 50 710
Total fees payable for 2017 academic year R 78 610
International students Rate
Initial payment towards 2016 Tuition fees at Enrolment R 34 820
Registration by registration date R 3 000
Levies by registration date R 4 7 00
Studio materials by registration date R 8 500
Sub-total of Payments due before or by registration R 51 020
Balance of tuition fee due on 13 January 2017
R 34 820
Total fees payable for 2017 academic year R 85 840

*Note: For international students the full initial payment of R 34 820 towards tuition must be paid to guarantee a space for 2017 academic year. Please note that Visa and permit applications take time to process. Please apply on time so that you are able to start your academic year on time. The balance of R 51 020 fees are to be paid by 13 January 2017. All international students are required to make full payment towards the Registration, Levy and Studio Materials fees by 13 January 2017.

SADC member states: Angola, Botswana, Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Tanzania, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

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