The academy is committed to diversity and transformation, attempting to attain a student and staff body that is demographically representative of the South African population. In accordance with the academy’s commitment to equality, the Admissions Committee may consider the selection and admittance of eligible candidates of designated groups. While the academy aspires to equality objectives within and across academy bodies (crucial to the academy’s growth and development), such aspirations are not binding in any form. Applicants will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, nationality, political affiliations or disability.

Promotional material and activities

The academy employs a range of promotional material including, but not limited to, the academy’s website, brochures, expositions and social-network sites. Through presentations, exhibitions and career expositions, the academy informs high schools of its offerings. Within promotional material, the academy accurately reflects that, upon successful completion of the academy’s three-year programme, candidates shall qualify for the Diploma in Fashion Design (SAQA Qualification ID 82946).

The academy ensures that sufficient information is provided pertaining to the programme’s entrance and completion requirements, admission processes, course subjects and related content, residence facilities, prospective career opportunities, as well as the academy’s vision and mission statement. Advice regarding career opportunities is based on past student employment and their employment successes and experiences.