Istanbul Modest Fashion Week focuses on Islamic Dress

Istanbul Modest Fashion Week focuses on Islamic Dress Modest fashion represents a growing market with worldwide spending on Muslim clothing projected to grow to $327bn by 2020, and Turkey, with its Islamic traditions and booming textile industry, is uniquely placed to benefit both creatively and commercially. By establishing this Fashion Week, the country seeks [...]

The Most Expensive…

The most expensive … Last week comparative website listed the most expensive items in a number of categories on their blog. This made me wonder about some more items we use every day, and regard as fairly expensive. How costly are they really, compared to the standards of the super-rich? Here is a [...]

May 28th, 2016|Fashion Blog|

Examining Sustainability in Fashion at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit

The Copenhagen Fashion Summit is the world’s largest event on sustainability in fashion. The theme for 2016 is Responsible Innovation. By assembling key players from the global fashion industry to share their knowledge and ideas on new and sustainable solutions, the aim is to inspire, motivate, and give tools to implement a sustainable mind-set in the fashion industry.

May 12th, 2016|Fashion Blog|

Have you killed a tree today?

The environmental price of being fashionable The effects of logging in an Indonesian forest Monarch Butterfly Viscose and rayon are regarded as man-made fibres; but unlike nylon, polyester, spandex and acrylic, they are not petroleum-based. Cellulosic fibres, which include viscose, rayon, acetate and lyocell (tencel), are manufactured from dissolved plant material [...]

August 28th, 2015|Fashion Blog|