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Our nationally accredited courses provide learners with an opportunity to develop practical, vocational, creative and commercial skills.We strive to produce a calibre of design practitioner who is able to work effectively in the fashion industry

We aim to equip individuals with the skills and practical experience they require to handle the entire creative process of fashion – from concept to consumer. Personalised attention to individual students ensures growth and originality.We strive to produce reflective design practitioners who are ready to enter the fashion industry with the utmost expertise and confidence.

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Infrastructure and Resources

The institution’s lecture facilities are equipped with specialised machinery, high-tech computers and wireless internet. An extensive library, media centre and IT infrastructure supports the learning experience.

In addition, students and staff have access to subscription websites, such as the Worth Global Style Network (WGSN), which offers an online fashion-trend analysis and research service. 

Our Goals and Vision

Our goal is to empower learners through training and skills development, thereby allowing them to become economically independent and transfer their skills to others. The institution’s founder, Elizabeth, recognised that the fashion industry needed educated and well-trained individuals to maintain the high standards of the fashion industry, both locally and internationally.

The academy was thus established in 1996 to address this need. Elizabeth is passionate about educating students and ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary skills to add value to the local industry, and also to make their mark internationally. In addition, the academy acknowledges and promotes the importance of academic competencies, which may give a stronger voice to fashion designers among other professionals.

National Accreditation

  • The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)
  • Council on Higher Education (CHE)

  • South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

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