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Fashion Your Career 2020

FASHION YOUR CAREER 2020 If you have always been interested in working in the Fashion Industry you should definitely consider pursuing your dream by starting with a three year Fashion Design course. [...]

April 18th, 2019|Fashion Blog|


SASHIKO -  Visible mending to personalize your denims and turn them into wearable art The fashion for distressed denim has had some unforeseen consequences: Buying pre-distressed garments means that our clothing give up [...]

November 12th, 2018|Fashion Blog|

Diversity on the Runway

Diversity on the Runway Why the fashion industry should embrace diversity and inclusive model casting By Karli Potgieter (Jul. 03. 2018) Figure 1. Jamie Brewer: First model with Down syndrome to walk [...]

November 5th, 2018|Fashion Blog|

US designer references Herero dress at New York Fashion Week

US designer references Herero dress at New York Fashion Week Mary Lee Bendolph, Gee's Bend quilter, with some of her artwork Designer Ulla Johnson listed two “Out of Africa” sources of inspiration for [...]

October 15th, 2018|Fashion Blog|
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The true spirit of Women’s Day

The true spirit of Woman's Day Women marching against pass laws on the 9th of August 1956 Internationally, Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. In South [...]

August 8th, 2018|Fashion Blog|