Part-Time Fashion Design Course

This programme enables candidates to start exploring the techniques of fashion design by developing skills beyond the basic level to the level required for acceptance on to the full time programme.

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Diploma in Fashion Design

This programme covers all day-to-day activities and skills required of a successful fashion designer. Students are trained and exposed to related roles and job opportunities in the fashion design practice, textiles, editing/journalism, styling, fashion design retail and the apparel industry.

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Degree in Fashion Design

We are proud to announce that we now offer a fully accredited Degree in Fashion Design

The programme at its core is devised to engage the student in the practical, written and theoretical aspects of Design and Product Development.

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Advanced Diploma in Fashion

During this one year full-time or two year part-time programme, students will develop a deeper understanding of the entire value chain and gain industry experience within a specialised field of interest whether it is apparel, accessory design or any other specialised field within fashion.

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Adult Learner Programme

Elizabeth is running a part time Adult Learners course in Italian Pattern Making. Participants learn to draw up patterns for garments from scratch, to their own measurements and preferences. This will enable them to in future sew their own unique, well-fitting clothes, or even become entrepreneurs who make garments for others.

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