Funding Solutions

At Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion we believe that all persons have the right to education, training and skills development. We are passionate about working with students and equipping them with the necessary skills to join the fashion industry. As a private institution we realise the financial limitations students and their parents or guardians might have, therefore we are constantly looking for opportunities that could assist in financial aid. The funding solutions we have available at the moment are discussed here below:

Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Fee Assistance (Diploma Applicants Only)

The purpose of the fee assistance is to make private higher education in fashion design more accessible to deserving applicants. In particular Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Diploma candidates are eligible to apply for fee assistance.

By awarding the first year fee assistance to deserving first year applicants we aim to enable people to embark on their chosen career, and to promote our founder’s vision and goal with which she originally started the Academy. Elizabeth is passionate about educating students and ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary skills to add value to the local industry, and also to make their mark internationally.

The Academy’s goal is to empower learners through training and skills development, thereby allowing them to become economically independent and transfer their skills to others. The Academy is looking to offer this fee assistance to applicants who share these same values, show potential and drive to be successful, and meet the requirements of the fee assistance application.

For more information on the Fee Assistance application and process, following the link below: Fee Assistance 2024


Manati is an alternate student funding organisation that provides funding solutions for students that wish to study but are unable to do so because they cannot afford it or cannot secure financing. 

We would typically fund a student who could not obtain a bank loan or funding elsewhere. Manati has a lenient credit and affordability criterion compared to other funding providers. Our unique application process considers Joint Household Income when assessing clients’ affordability. Arrears/outstanding balances can be included in new course fees when applying.

Our whole process is online so there are no onsite visits or long queues when applying.

Visit Manati here: Manati

Student Hero

Student Hero helps our students and their families apply, qualify, and compare student funding offers from the major South African banks and alternate finance providers from a single platform and at zero cost.

Visit Student Hero here: Student Hero