Message from the Founder

The Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion is a space conducive to learning and growth. Our dedicated team of staff will provide guidance and direction to learners, but self-discipline and motivation are key.

It seems obvious, but it’s important to point out that students enrolled at this academy are here by choice and are fortunate enough to be following their dream.

Our courses require three or four years of working hard and consistently – a small price to pay when you consider that our training will stand you in good stead to achieve success in any fashion-related career you embark on.

Unlike some tertiary courses, this programme
aims to equip learners with skills they will use on a daily basis in their future fashion careers. Therefore, each and every task is equally important, as it presents students with an opportunity to acquire skills.

After 25 years in the fashion industry – 15 of which have been spent training others – the best advice I can offer students is to take responsibility for your own learning and growth. Motivation comes from within; you are your own best teacher.

To be successful in the fashion industry, I believe the three most important criteria are: excellent mental and physical health, excellent planning and time-management, and perseverance in overcoming all obstacles.

Fashion design is one of the most challenging but also most rewarding careers.

Never forget your dream!

Good luck!

Drawing of Elizabeth by Lenie Harley