Our students will be showing their ideas and interpretations of this task at their fashion show called “The Shift” at this year’s fashion show.

The shift dress forms the base of many contemporary dress styles. This classic style was the point of departure for our First year students, who were tasked with designing a shift dress around the themes of art and design. Pointed in the direction of the the 1960s or 1920s. Their shift dresses were to utilise embellishment as a form of decoration and distinction. The 1920’s lends itself to the opulence of flappers and gin halls; students drew inspiration from the great events of the times to inspire their Jazz-age creation. The 1960’s harked back to the free spirited 20’s, but ushered in a new form of Counter Culture. This swinging age freed up the dress sense and opened a plathora of fashion possibilities.

Theme – The Shift

Date  – 22 October 2011

Time  – 20H00

Place – Vista Room, Protea Hotel, Stellenbosch

Cost  – R30.00 per person

The tickets for the show are available from:

Naomi at Elizabeth Galloway (021 88 00 77 5)

Join us for a fantastic night of 1920’s flair!