If you have always been interested in working in the Fashion Industry you should definitely consider pursuing your dream by starting with a three year Fashion Design course.

Designer – Ilkhe du Toit Diploma in Fashion Design Graduate 2019

3 Year Full-Time Programme Outline:

Degree in Fashion Design

The Degree programme is planned to stimulate critical thinking and professional methodology, with contextual studies covering topics of cultural, historical and contemporary practice and theory in fashion design. Although the programme promotes theoretical key skills, sound technical ability is at the core of all module outcomes. We expect that students will be exposed to job opportunities in the fashion design practice, textiles, editing / journalism, styling, fashion design retail and the apparel industry.

Diploma in Fashion Design

On the Diploma course we teach modules that cover the entire value chain of fashion from conceptualising an idea to designing and making of the garments. In support of this process we also teach business, research, history, CAD, illustration, photography, design management, professional development, textiles (both technical qualities and surface design techniques) and pattern drafting.

Designer – Ilkhe du Toit Diploma in Fashion Design Graduate 2019

What do we require from you?

Applicants interested in joining our Full-Time Programmes have to submit the following documentation as part of their application:

  1. Certified ID or Passport
  2. Academic Transcripts or Results
  3. Two (2) Contactable References / Reference Letters (not from family or friends)
  4. For Degree Applicants – Motivational Essay on the following:

a.       Why are you interested in fashion design?

b.      Where do you see yourself in the future?

c.       How will a qualification from Elizabeth Galloway Academy help you achieve your goals?

Any specific subjects needed?

Applicants do not require any specific subjects, such as Design or Visual Arts to successfully apply for our Full-Time Programmes. The only requirement is English Home /Additional language Pass grade. (Foreign applicants have to submit evidence of English proficiency.)

Any specific skills needed?

Sewing, drawing…?

Preferably not! Our full-time programmes start from the very basics, therefore no prior sewing or drawing experience is required. What we look for in applicants is a willingness to learn, a sprinkle of creative flare, a willingness to work hard and an open-mind! Fashion is an incredibly fast paced industry and demands long hours of physical work – get ready to immerse yourself in the world of all things Fashion!

Designer – Ilkhe du Toit Diploma in Fashion Design Graduate 2019

Ready to Fashion Your Career?

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