2nd Semester starts at Elizabeth Galloway

Welcome back, everyone! It’s the middle of July, and mid-winter, but here at the Academy our hearts are beating warmly.

18 July is international Nelson Mandela Day, and we will be doing our bit by giving 67 minutes (or more) of our time in aid of those less fortunate. As it is freezing cold right now, we are going to be crocheting warm blankets as well as sew tracksuit tops to give away. Every item will make a difference in some person’s life, be assured of that!

Come and join us in the downstairs garment room at some point during the day, or all day, if you feel like it. Everyone is welcome, the more, the merrier.

We are of course entering the final straight to our annual graduate fashion event on the 26th of August. Many third year students have been working on their ranges over the holidays, and the rest of us can hardly wait to see the results.

Staff members are coordinating and planning to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day, and everyone concerned will have a wonderful time. The show will take place at the Protea Hotel, and is being sponsored by Brother. More details will follow closer to the event.

In the meantime, enjoy campus life and all everything it has to offer. Make this year the best year of your life so far!