Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee is comprised of four members, namely: the Admissions Officer, Academic Head, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Institute. The Admissions Committee takes a collective decision concerning admittance of eligible applicants to the Academy’s programme.

Provisional offers

The Admissions Committee may present provisional offers based on Grade 11 or mid-year Grade 12 academic results. Such offers will only be presented to students who have displayed exceptional achievement and who have submitted and satisfied the relevant application requirements. The condition on which provisional offers may be confirmed is where such applicants maintain or improve their NSC achievement ratings in their final Grade 12 examinations or equivalent.

Flexible selection mechanisms

In alignment with objectives of the National Qualifications Framework, the academy supports wider and more diverse access to higher education by providing for flexible selection mechanisms, such as assessment for purposes of the recognition of prior learning (RPL), academy-specific entrance assessments or interviews and mature-age exemptions.

  • Recognition of Prior Learning
    Application for purposes of RPL does not entail an administrative fee. RPL admissions shall not exceed 10 percent of the total number of students admitted to the programme. RPL is subject to a thorough evaluation by means of individual assessment, creative portfolio submission and interviews conducted by the facilitator of that module and the academic head and/or head of institute. The RPL process will be course and module specific.
  • Academy-specific entrance assessments and interviews
    Prospective students who do not meet a particular entrance requirement, such as language proficiency, may gain admittance to study subject to a written assessment prescribed by the Admissions Committee, followed by an individual interview.
  • Mature-age exemption
    Students who do not meet the minimum entrance requirements but who are over the age of 23 may apply for mature-age exemption in admittance to study. Admittance to study by means of mature-age exemption is subject to a thorough evaluation by means of individual assessment, creative portfolio submission and interviews.