BA in Fashion Elizabeth Galloway

Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion are proud to announce the addition of a Degree course to our existing offerings of Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

The new 3-year full time Degree course exits at NQF Level 7, while the existing Diploma course (also 3 years full time) exists at Level 6. There is also the option of an additional Advanced Diploma over a year full time or two years part time, which also exits at NQF Level 7.

So why the different courses?

Individuals differ in their interests and aptitude. Two people may be fascinated by fashion, but only one likes to create garments; the other dislikes sewing but would love to know what drives trends, for instance.

The Diploma course is weighted more towards the practical aspects of Fashion Design, in other words the “how to”, although theoretical subjects are included. Learning is supervised/guided.

The Degree course focuses more on the “why and wherefore”, with practical subjects incorporated. Self-study/self-exploration is required to a greater extent.

Prerequisites for the courses are Diploma: a Diploma pass with no specific subjects, and Degree: a Bachelor’s pass with English as either home or additional language.

The Advanced Diploma for which the requirement is a cognate diploma or degree qualification, involves specialization in a specific field of interest, and practical experience at approved established industry partners.

It is important to note that switching from one course to the other is possible, provided the student is prepared to put in the extra work in order to catch up on what was missed.

For more information please contact the Academy of phone Inez at 021-880 0775, and kick-start your brilliant career in Fashion today!