EGAFD alumna Anmari Honiball was approached about the secret of succeeding in a cut-throat world where so many aspiring young fashion designers seem to drop out, some even having won prestigious competitions.

Graduating in 2010, Anmari’s self-expression range was judged best on show. She then undertook an internship with Marianne Fassler. In 2012 she was a finalist in the Elle Rising Star competition, where she met Felicity Spies, owner of Egality Boutique in Parkhurst, who showed interest in her work. A month later Anmari seized the opportunity and called Felicity, who placed a small order, which Anmari sewed herself.

Early in 2013, Anmari won the best collection award at her first SA Fashion Week. She feels that young designers should enter competitions when they are ready to start producing, so as to be able to take advantage of the many opportunities that open up after a competition. She says, “I knew exactly how I wanted to go about this.” She herself saved up money from custom orders sewed at night, while she had a full-time day job, to buy an industrial sewing machine, and over the course of two years prepared herself to start her own label. She now prepares a capsule collection that goes on sale every 10 weeks, as she has learned that the customer wants new products at a rapid pace.

Anmari feels, “Designers who don’t make it in the industry are not working hard enough, or are not prepared for the work.”

With a work ethic like hers, it is no surprise that Anmari Honiball is going places!


Anmari Honiball’s 2015 A/W collection, LEELA

Anmari Honiball

Images courtesy of Simon Deiner / SDR Photo