It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. This year was a particularly good one for Elizabeth Galloway alumni at Mercedes-Benz Cape Town Fashion Week.

First up, let’s take a look at Kim Gush’s range. Kim showed as part of AFI Next Generation – her work was an interpretation of how she sees the industry as a dog-eat-dog world. Her menswear range really captured that aggression, and perhaps her own inner contradictions about the fashion industry.

Kim Gush Cape Town Fashion Week
It was all in black and white, the fabrics ranging across a combination of harder fabric, like leather, and softer, more-draped knits. Her range also managed to incorporate two of fashion’s current obsessions – the monochromatic look and contrasting fabric combinations – while still effectively exploring her subject matter with a gothic edge.

Cape Town Fashion Week
It was also great to see her bringing feminine inspiration into menswear, through the drapey knits. One of my favourites was a longer-length black-andwhite tee, but my absolute favourite was the butcher-inspired leather apron. I. Have. To. Have. It. Not that I’ll be butchering anything, or anyone, anytime soon. But one never knows, it’s a dog-eat-dog world…

Fashion Week Cape Town
All pictures courtesy of SDR PHOTO.

By Malibongwe Tyilo

Malibongwe Tyilo is the editor-at-large at VISI magazine, and blogs in his personal capacity at Malibongiwe will contribute to our blog on an occasional basis.