Elizabeth Galloway Becomes Water-Wise

Elizabeth Galloway Water Saving

There is a new feature at the Academy: we now are the proud owners of our first rain water storage tank!

We have been acutely aware of the water shortage affecting the Western Cape, and resolved to do our bit to make sure potable water is not wasted.

The tank holds 5000 litres, and is already full due to the welcome rains of the last couple of weeks. It has been connected to the bathroom taps in the main building, and is also used to flush the toilets. Safe-for-drinking treated municipal water still supplies the chill room and kitchen.

As budget allows, we intend to install additional tanks in future to service the annex as well. As responsible inhabitants of the planet, responding to climate change is not an option, it is our duty.

More recently, we have been taking readings from our water meter, and calculating the daily water usage per person on campus. We then communicate this number, which we would like to boast is usually bellow 10 litres, via email to the staff & students.
They are then able to use that figure in their calculation of daily personal use, for the time they spend at the academy.

If you’re interested in using the calcultor, you are welcome to download it here: Daily Personal Water Use Calculator v2.4