Is Fashion Design your dream?

Is it your dream to be involved in the world of Fashion Design, but you lack the financial resources? Have you asked yourself, who can finance my fashion studies?

Registered financial institutions (such as banks) offer study loans that are tailored specifically for the requirements of students.  Although products differ between establishments, most allow the student to manage payment for class fees, accommodation, as well as text books and relevant equipment out of these funds.

If you are a full-time student, you will only be required to pay the monthly interest on the loan while you are studying. On graduation repayment on the capital sum commences. Part-time students, however, repay both capital and interest from initiation.

Important details to remember when applying for a student loan for your Fashion Design qualification:

  • You must be a South African citizen or permanent resident.
  • You need to provide proof of acceptance at an accredited tertiary institution. Proof of acceptance to your fashion design studies at Elizabeth Galloway can be obtained from Thando ( at the Admission Office (+27) 021 880 0775.
  • Surety must be supplied by a sponsor; being a person with a sufficient regular income and/or sound financial status, who will be responsible for paying the monthly interest.
  • A loan is only granted for a specific year, you will have to re-apply for each year of your course.
  • Conditions and requirements for loans vary, as do the amounts granted. You will therefore have to contact the institution of your choice personally for particulars.

Visit your preferred financial institution offering education related financial products or visit them online to find out which offer is most suited to your needs.

Websites you may find helpful to finance your Fashion Design qualification: