Studying abroad is for many of us a life-long dream; it’s an once-in-a-lifetime adventure that offers a unique opportunity to grow academically, professionally, and personally.

Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design is slowly becoming an institution of choice for international students looking to enhance their academic qualifications as well as start their career in fashion. EGAFD offers a few unique features such as been an approved City & Guilds centre, state-of-the-art industry standard campus, a home-away-from-home student residence, an integrated shuttle service.

Most of our international students got to know of EGAFD on the internet and made their way here with suggestions or encouragement from family or friends. Leoni Brüggemann, from Germany, discovered the academy using the advice of a Cape Town based life coach while on her gap year. Domingas Loforte, from Maputo, was spotted by our Directors, Elizabeth Malherbe and Derek Geddes when she presented a capsule collection as an Emerging Designer at Mozambique Fashion Week.

Settling in to life in Stellenbosch can be a culture shock with its accompanying homesickness, adjusting to a new lifestyle is a common challenge faced not only by the international students but also by the South African students. However most students show a level headedness and willingness to overcome the differences and integrate into a new culture, with the help of peer mentors from the student body.

The road to fashion design is often not direct, but the ardent desire to be a part of the fashion industry is common across each cohort enrolled. Students either came straight from school with a keen desire to embark on the EGAFD fashion design course; one student has a degree in Politics and International Relations and work experience in the oil industry; another has a diploma in Tourism and Marketing and work experience; one studied Art in Morocco and another spent a year studying Arts and culture in the Netherlands. This cultural mix creates a unique learning environment.

The skills learnt by student fashion designer are universal, what makes the learning experience is a mix between an inspired faculty; student-centred campus; a robust student life and a dynamic learning environment make Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design an institution of choice for students wanting to fashion their career.

If you want to be part of our 2014 cohort, apply now.

EGAFD student designers

EGAFD student designers