Techie meets Fashion Design

Coming from the rigid confines of computer science and engineering and peering into the industry that is fashion and design has been thoroughly refreshing. Having never really flexed the creative side of my brain, the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion has provided me with a priceless opportunity to learn to do so. As an intern and otherwise one of the new faces around campus I have already been adopted into the family friendly ethos that envelopes the academy.

I’ve already seen and learnt much in my first 2 weeks as there is a lot more that goes into fashion than one might think. Although the very first thing that caught my eye was the beautifully significant view from campus, where one can lose oneself in the pastures and ranging mountains further along.

View from Elizabeth Galloway Academy; Techie meets fashion

View across the road from the Academy

Next was the computer lab where I expected to spend the majority of my time – and boy was I pleased. With fantastic Apple machines and 3 of the latest Dell touchscreen computers I was excited to get down to business. This is where I feel at home; but be it a fashion college I’ve been enticed to encroach on unfamiliar territory. Sewing, printing, patterns, trends, fabrics, drawing and designing with respects to all of that has been confounding.

Latest Dell Touchscreen Desktops; Techie meets fashion

Dell touchscreen desktops used in the computer lab

Many techniques and skills are needed to do such things but little did I know how much depth the industry itself has. On an excursion to CPUT’s Textile Technology department we were shown all the devices and machinery necessary just to test the integrity of specific fabrics for specific uses. There’s a machine that stretches a fabric and measures its ability to recover its shape. Another that operates all day putting fabrics to the test of wear and friction and even a device that can simulate outside weather conditions, from scorching sunshine to drizzle and damp. There were many more and all of this analysis takes place in order to choose your fabric depending on the purpose of one’s garment.

One of the textile technologists from CPUT; Techie meets fashion

CPUT Textile Technology Department

There is still much for me to see and learn here at the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion and it’s bound to be an interesting year of experience which I look forward to.