Famed photographer Terry Richardson has set his sights on the lovely Miranda Kerr and created a stunning black-and-white portrait series. Each shot captures the model wearing Richardson’s trademark glasses.

Kerr, looking splendid in leather pants, dress shirt and minimal makeup, added a 50s-inspired curly-haired wig to her look for the photographer’s spur-of-the-moment shoot.

Taking care to keep things simple, Richardson has put Kerr in stark contrast to her usual ultra-glam look that she sports as a Victoria’s Secret model, even trading her sky-high stilettos for casual flats. The shoot showed off the playful side of the model’s personality in a variety of night-time shots.

Kerr, who recently gave birth to her first son with actor Orlando Bloom, showed a more down-to-earth side of her that is rarely seen on the catwalks where she is so in demand. The fun shoot perfectly blends Kerr’s sweet personality and the signature style of the famous fashion photographer and is well worth a look.