With Kick Start, we hit the ground running in 2020!

To start 2020 on the right foot, Elizabeth Galloway Academy tried something new.

A two week long Kick Start programme had senior students joining in activities which not only were fun, but also served a purpose. Collaborative painting, for example, sharpened communication skills, while a split face portrait exercise encouraged self-awareness. A group dress design project taught collaboration.

As inspiration for self-expression ranges, we discussed textile surface design techniques. Students also went on industry visits to Prime Fastener,  Chrystal Birch, and luxury accessories brand Cape Cobra.

In addition, a number of guest speakers visited the Academy, sharing insights and advice about the business of fashion. We thank Bridget and Ludwig from Ruff Tung, Kat van Duinen, Sumiaya De Mar, Jackie May from TWYG, and Paul van Zyl for making time for us in their busy schedules .

All in all, the initiative was a great success, leaving all of us inspired and eager to start the year.

Students engaged in collaborative painting

Sewing together a group design

Listening attentively to Bridget & Ludwig (Ruff Tung)

At Cape Cobra