Zeitz-MOCAA: The Window to Contemporary African Art

On Wednesday a number of third year students had the opportunity to visit the Zeitz-Museum of Contemporary African Art in the V&A Waterfront.

The museum is situated in the old grain silos, which were converted for the purpose at the cost of more than R500 million. Admiring the stunning architecture kept everyone’s mind off the icy wind while queuing to get in. (The architecture alone makes a visit worth-while!)

Artists from all across the continent of Africa are represented inside the spacious display areas. Sculpture, painting, textile art, photography, video projections, and music are some of the media informing the exhibitions.

Some are bright and cheerful,

and some decidedly sinister.

There is textile art,

and moulded skin

Everyday objects,

and the more exotic.

The floors are accessed by wheel-chair compatible lifts, or stairs.

The view from a lift.

Natural light is provided by numerous windows, as well as circular glass panels on the roof.

Overall it was an unforgettable experience, and one I am sure most of us will repeat at some time in the future.