2016 Annual Fashion Show Review

The Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion , based in Techno Park, Stellenbosch is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. At the time that the school was built, Techno Park was just open veld, and the academy opened its doors offering informal training in fashion design and garment construction. Today the academy offers a number of accredited programmes and produces highly sought after fashion graduates.

The students took the opportunity to showcase their excellent work this year at the Protea Hotel in Techno Park during the academy’s Annual Fashion Event on Saturday 27th August.

This signature event celebrates the achievements of Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion students and is also an opportunity for the academy to thank its fashion industry friends for their support, and the event was therefore well attended by the industry.

Produced by Group of Creatives and SDR to professional standards, the fashion show began with the first year Diploma in Fashion Design students and their denim short creations.

Elizabeth Galloway 1st Year Shorts
Elizabeth Galloway 1st Year Shorts
Elizabeth Galloway 1st Year Shorts

Denim Shorts – 1st Year Students

This was followed by the second year students and their winter coats, done justice to by the professional models who took to the catwalk.

Elizabeth Galloway 2nd Year Coats
Elizabeth Galloway 2nd Year Coats
Elizabeth Galloway 2nd Year Coats

Coats – 2nd Year Students

The final year Diploma students showcased their Self-expression ranges, with each student creating a capsule collection of three to four looks based on a storyline, judged by a panel of members of the fashion industry, and with a separate award given out by Elizabeth Galloway Alumni.

Elizabeth Galloway 3rd Year Avela
Elizabeth Galloway 3rd Year Alicia

Self Expression Ranges – 3rd Year Students

Elizabeth Galloway’s Head of Design, Fiona Abdo, congratulated the final year students: “The 3rd year students of 2016 have managed to produce an impressive diversity of ranges. Besides the fact that the ranges show a high degree of quality in design and production what I enjoy most is the truly self-expressive nature, they have managed to reflect their true story through design. I look forward to seeing what more they have to offer.”

The Best Self-expression award went to Megan Miller and Jackie Burger on judging panel had this to say: “Megan Miller’s collection captured the modern spirit of design. Her aesthetic reflects expressive style and fluidity and a keen eye for range cohesion and editing. Her clever application of colour and textural layering, finished off with considered embellishment created designs that were rich in content and effortless in wearability.”

Elizabeth Galloway 3rd Year Megan

Academy Award: Best Self Expression Range – 3rd Year Student, Megan Miller

Truworths handed out the Best Commercial Range award, which went to Nicole Truter, and was designed with contemporary and broad appeal. (insert photo of Best Commercial Range) “I was extremely impressed by the maturity of the designs this year”, commented founder and director Elizabeth Galloway.

Elizabeth Galloway 3rd Year Nicole

Truworths Award: Most Commercial Self Expression Range – 3rd Year Student, Nicole Truter

The academy’s alumni presented their own award to Grace Schoombie for her four piece feminine collection, self-described as “a youthful, whimsical collection inspired by all things beautiful” and featuring “water colour printed fabric and embroidered details”. Astrid Van Zyl, designer at Keedo International, and last year’s winner of the Alumni Award, presented the award. (insert photo of Grace’s collection if possible).

Elizabeth Galloway 3rd Year Grace

Alumni Award: Best Self Expression Range – 3rd Year Student, Grace Schoombie

Cyla Gonsolves and Lineo Masupha received a special mention by the judges for their standout looks and bold perspectives. “It is all about mixing tradition with reinvention of fusion and honouring both heritage and modern designs”, wrote Lineo of her African inspired collection. Cyla’s feminist range spoke to female empowerment and gender equality such that “boundaries dissipate and gender comes to value timelessness”.

Elizabeth Galloway 3rd Year Cyla
Elizabeth Galloway 3rd Year Lineo

Special Mentions: Self Expression Ranges – 3rd Year Students, Cyla Gonsolves & Lineo Masupha

Following the third year ranges, the adult learners taught by Elizabeth Galloway modelling their outfits down the runway. The event ended with the fourth year Advanced Diploma students showing off their beautiful and interesting creations.

Elizabeth Galloway Adult Learners

Adult Learners

Inez Shaw, director at the academy and daughter of Elizabeth Galloway, summed up the show as follows: “It is a true celebration of Academy spirit, student accomplishments and sharing our successes. Our alumni, industry friends and collaborators are a large part of the event’s success.”

Elizabeth Galloway Directors

Inez & Elizabeth – Academy Directors

Photos Courtesy of Simon Deiner / SDR Photo & Tim Honey