We recently chatted to EGAFD alumna Jane Elizabeth Kotze. Jane won the Elle Rising Star Competition in 2012 and was awarded the opportunity to intern at Mr Price and create a limited-edition range. The Jane Elizabeth Kotze for Project range launched in November and is available at selected Mr Price stores and online here.

We saw her A/W 2014 collection at the recent Elle Rising Star Show 2013. So naturally, we had to ask her five questions and here is what Jane had to say:

1. What inspiration was behind your Elle Rising Star A/W 2014 range?

It was a little bit of a mixture of influences for this A/W 2014 range, but my initial thought was how could you modernise a medieval fashion inspiration, it made me think a lot about fitted garments, simplicity, modesty and of course armour. When I started thinking about armour, I did not want to make it too literal and looked for inspiration in nature, which led me to look at insects, and their exoskeletons, which actually led me back to layering and fragility, as most insect use their hard casings to protect delicate wings and bodies. I decided on my colour palette because I had a pink and grey skirt as a child that I loved, and it’s a colour palette I have always adored adding the sequins as a nod to chain-mail as well as the iridescence of insects.

2. What has been the reaction to the collection?

The reaction has been wonderful; I’ve had many compliments and possible client orders.

3. Where can we get your range?

Currently the range will only be available to order.

4. Why did you choose to study at EGAFD?

Honestly, I struggled for a long while trying to decide which college to attend, as there are quite a few. As I paid for my tuition through my own savings, I decided that the most cost effective way to go about it was to go to a college in Stellenbosch so that I could stay with my parents and keep my costs low. I had also known about the college for some years and knew they were well established and trustworthy.

5. What was a highlight of your studies at EGAFD?

Oh gosh, only one highlight? To me it was all a highlight, I really enjoyed all three years immensely, it sounds cheesy but, I really discovered myself while studying and always felt inspired, encouraged and nurtured by my fellow students and lecturers. I learnt how to speak my mind and live my passion, which is priceless.

6. Which do you love Cape Town/Stellenbosch?

Well I think for both it’s the same, I really love how close you feel to nature and the outdoors (and I’m not, by any means, an outdoorsy type of person) but I love that the mountains, sky and sea always feel close enough to touch or breath, there’s a real sense of security.

Thank you Jane, it was great to see Lindiwe Suttle wearing your suit on the Expresso Show.

2013 ElleRisingStar_JaneKotze_pic10

Folks, be sure to check out Jane Elizabeth Kotze for Project range in a Mr Price Store near you now.

Images courtesy of SDR/Photo

Lindiwe Suttle courtesy of Lindiwe Suttle.