We understand that we start our year early and you might have been caught off guard with this early start.

We are still accepting late registration onto the Diploma in Fashion Design programme. We have scheduled a plan for students enrolling and starting later to be able to catch up work which has been missed. Therefore you are welcome to apply for 2014. Registration will be open until 28 February 2014.

To learn more about how to Apply to Fashion Design school in 2014 click on the following link:

Apply online

You are also welcome to contact us via:

Email: admission@elizabethgalloway.co.za

or call us on: 021 88 00 77 5 (ext. 113)

If you do not receive an email and/or any correspondence from Elizabeth Galloway Academy Of Fashion Design within 24 hours, please contact us telephonically on 084 676 0014.