Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design students and lecturers have invited some of Cape Town’s top fashionistas to join them at the academy in Stellenbosch this Saturday, 5 November 2011, to “Make your own summer tote bag”.

Each fashionista will create their own branded summer beach bag using a selection of colourful summer patterns that will already be cut out and ready to choose from upon their arrival.

Once they’ve made their selection they will move on to a second station where they will find a range of embellishments that will allow them to create their own look and feel for their bag. They will be assisted through each step of the process by one of the academy’s talented students and a lecturer to ensure they understand each technique.

The final touch is to personalise their beach bags by adding their blog, magazine or name to the bag to create a beautiful, self-branded bag.We will be documenting the summer handbag process step-by- step for all of you so you too can get an idea of how you can create your own beautiful personalised summer beach bag.

For more information on the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design visit: www.elizabethgalloway.co.za  or phone on (021) 880 0775  or follow on twitter @EGFASHIONDESIGN