The Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design recently invited Cape Town bloggers, media and fashionistas to visit the school for a summer bag workshop. We wanted to show the bloggers our school and introduce them to some of the lovely lecturers and students that teach and learn here.

A handful of helpful students joined our intrepid lecturers Michelle Andrews, Marisha Eygelaar and Derek Geddes this past Saturday to take the group of nine bloggers through the steps of making their own stylish summer tote bags. The group had to choose a colour theme before starting work on cutting the material. Each blogger then had to sew together the pieces that would make up their bags with able assistance from our students. Finally, the group had to add their own embellishments to truly make the summer bag their own, a reflection of each one’s unique personalities.

The group of bloggers were:
Alex van Tonder from Cape Town Girl
Talya Goldberg from Shades of Gold
Fran De Villiers from Openwardrobe
Victoria tatham from Kiss Blush and Tell
Celest Lotter from Flickery
and Elrico Bellingan writer for PopYaCollar
Then we also had:
Kwena Baloyi – Drum magazine
Nina Krause – Huisgenoot
Carolyn Nash – YOU magazine

We hope you all enjoyed your visit to our school and that you have fun with your summer bags.

We’d also like to thank Michelle, Marisha, Derek and the following students: Denielle Lordon, Christine Slabbert, Mihke Henn, Aldene Snyman and Mieke du Bruyn who helped by offering their Saturdays to share their love for fashion with our blogger friends.

Take a look at our bloggers and students in action and see the final creations:  

Michelle and Kwena Baloyi ironing

Aldene Snyman and Elirco

Derek hard at work

Elirco from PapYaCollar

Kwena from Drum magazine

Celest from flickery

Talya and Jade from Shades of gold

Tori from Kiss Blush and Tell

Alex from Cape Town Girl

Fran from Openwardrobe’s Tote


Have a great summer! See HERE for a step by step guide on how to make your own summer tote.


Images taken by Derek and Marisha