Your step by step guide on how to make a summer tote

Step 1 – What you need:

* 1/2 metre sturdy cloth | 3 metres Webbing tape | 15cm spun bounded fibre-web | 15cm Polyester fibrefill | Matching threads | Marking pencil | Pins | Scissors


Step 2 – 1/2 metre sturdy cloth cut out the pattern pieces and mark notches:

Step 3 – Attach fused facing to bag body, leaving one seam open:

Step 4 – Position hessian handles:

Step 5 – Indicated x stitch:

Step 6 – Secure straps:

Step 7 –  Join side seams and overlock the seams:

Step 8- Fold in facing and stitch closed:

Step 9 – Padded and attach padded base to the bag body:

Step 10 – Have fun and create many tote bags:


There you have it, your step by step guide on how to make your own summer tote. Have a look at our previous post on ‘Elizabeth Galloway students and lecture show bloggers how to make their own summer tote bags’

For a copy of the patten please email