What every woman needs in her wardrobe 20140903_pic01

With the industry churning out fashion as fast as possible, there are always new trends to tempt the buyer. Even at the relatively low cost of mass produced imports, very few can afford to keep up with every new craze, apart from the planet already groaning under the weight of our discarded clothing.

The solution is to have a core of classic garments in one’s wardrobe which can be dressed either up or down to suit the occasion. The cut should be timeless and simple so that the style does not date. These are your “investment pieces”, so buy the best you can afford, and make sure they are well fitting.

Black pencil skirt*

Black tailored pants*

Dark straight or bootleg jeans

White shirt*

White T-shirt*

White tank top*

Black tank top*

Black turtleneck/polo neck*

Shift dress/wrap dress


Light weight cardigan

V-neck sweater


Leather jacket

Denim jacket

Trench Coat

* Not all people look their best in black or pure white. Choose winter white, off white or creamy white if it works better for you. Substitute a suitable shade of dark blue, grey or brown for black.

As for shoes, a few basic styles will get you far.

Heeled pumps


Long boots


Metallic shoes/sandals for evening wear

Heel heights need not be vertiginous; you have to be able to walk comfortably. Kitten heels can also look dressy.

Also, not everyone finds ballerina flats comfortable. Consider boat shoes or loafers instead.

What every woman needs in her wardrobe 20140903_pic02