I have nothing to wear 2014 09 02_pic01It is the rare woman who has never voiced this lament.

Fashions change at a bewildering rate. No longer do we see only Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections; Pre-Fall and Resort have entered the seasonal carousel. Further complicating matters, is the short lead times achieved by so called “Fast Fashion”, putting new styles at our disposal literally every week.

The offshoot of this is that fashion has become disorienting. That purchase made last year, last month, even last week, is no longer “the latest thing”, so we need something new.

And then we stand in front of our bulging closets, finding we have nothing to wear.

So is there a way to get out of this rat-race and still be able to show yourself in the street with confidence?

Mais oui! Stop being a fashion victim. Instead become a fashionista.

The true fashionista does not blindly follow fashion fads. Rather, she is the woman who has found her individual style and knows to incorporate into it only those elements of the latest trends that actually suit her.

In order to identify a personal style, you have to consider

  • Who you are.  What you wear should be appropriate to your age, occupation, and lifestyle.
  • What you like. Make a scrap book or Pinterest board of what appeals to you, a general theme will probably emerge.
  • Your body shape. Dress to emphasize your assets and minimize less desirable features.
  • Your colouring. Determine whether warm or cool tones best compliment you, and stick to those.
  • Assess your current wardrobe. Weed out what does not meet above criteria, and alter garments that can be adapted.
  • Build a core of good quality classic essentials around which to mix and match less expensive trendy items.

In the next blog we will look at classic fashion essentials.