From theory to practice

After successfully self-expressing ourselves in the 1stsemester, we have now veered our creative focus to our client. We are privileged to be designing a Spring/Summer 2013 range for Daniel Hechter, Truworths –  SA.

The range includes complementary male and female outfits with each student interpreting the projected Spring/Summer fashion trends, ensuring the design styling will appeal to the DH target market as well as reflecting the classic DH image.

Summer tailoring, including classic tailored jackets complemented by the ever fashionable trench are set as key items for the range.

A stitch in time

We are currently mid-way in the design process with students having drawn inspiration, conducted research, sauced fabrics and trims as well as producing rough sketches for design development; these processes are all conducted with the client in mind at all times.

Final range selection/creation was a thorough process as we had to meet DH standards as well as specifications set by pattern and garment technology.

…And now onward and forward with final presentation boards. Students are required to produce creative yet professional boards reflecting mood, concept, fabrication and design.

A budding relationship

Truworths have been partnering the client project from the get go, briefing students on the brand and conducting in process crit. On completion of the design and production of the designs the students will present/pitch their ranges to Truworths and the DH team and although this has welled up nerves and anxiety we are looking forward to the opportunity and feedback.


Malie McGregor DH line up

Kirsty Weaver DH line up

Fiona Abdo

3rd year Design Lecturer