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The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio officially started on Friday the 5th of August, with all participating teams parading behind their respective national flags into the Maracanã stadium in a rousing display of patriotism.

The stadium seats 74,738 spectators and a further 1 billion viewers globally watched the opening ceremony, touted as “capturing the spirit of Carnival” and featuring 6000 dancers, as well as Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen. In keeping with Samba tradition, costumes were markedly scanty, mosquitoes or no!


Fashion is increasingly playing a part in this sporting event as more and more countries appoint established fashion designers to create uniforms for the showcase event. Some even have a separate uniform for the closing ceremony, and especially designed casual clothing that athletes can wear around the Olympic village. South Korea is said to have incorporated mosquito repellent into their textiles as protection against the Zika virus.

Here are a few of those designer outfits.

2016 Olympics_03

Team Canada: DSquared2

2016 Olympics_04

Team Cuba: Christian Louboutin

2016 Olympics_05

Team France: Lacoste2016 Olympics_06Team Great Britain: Stella McCartney for Adidas

2016 Olympics_07

Team Italy: Emporio Armani

2016 Olympics_08

Team United States of America: Polo by Ralph Lauren

2016 Olympics_09

Team Australia: Sportscraft

2016 Olympics_10

Team Germany: Adidas and Sioux

2016 Olympics_11

Team Sweden: H&M

2016 Olympics_12

The host nation,Team Brazil

2016 Olympics_13

Team Spain

2016 Olympics_14

Team Venezuela

2016 Olympics_15

Team South Korea

2016 Olympics_16

Team China

2016 Olympics_17

Team Ireland


And Team South Africa?

2016 Olympics_18

According to Sarah Olle from Fox Sports “Retro tracksuits are quite possibly god’s greatest gift to the world. So fun, so freaky and so darn hard to resist. You can zip them up, zip them down and vacillate between the two to annoy the hell out of the person next to you.”

“Let the Games begin!”



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