The Academy’s mid-year feedback sessions with first and second year students took place over the week 9-13 June 2014.

Each student was allocated a display space for files, mood boards, sketch books, etc., as well as a mannequin on which to place a garment of their choice. Clothes rails were supplied for additional garments and proto types (“mocks”).

The lecturing staff as a group reviewed each student’s body of work, identifying both strong aspects and weaknesses. The former are to be developed, while deliberations took place on how best to assist in rectifying the latter.

Feedback was conveyed to each student individually during an interview where once again all lecturers were present. Students also had the opportunity to raise problems they may be experiencing in any subject, and solutions were suggested and discussed.

The purpose of this procedure is to assess the progress of every student holistically, consequently enabling lecturers to better support an individual’s development, and timeously eliminate obstacles in the way of successful learning outcomes. Students, on the other hand, go away from this week with absolute clarity about their academic situation, their strengths, possible areas for improvement and a plan of action to facilitate this, and above all the certainty that the staff at Elizabeth Galloway is committed to the best interest of each and every one of them.

Some student displays

Mikayla Norman

Stefanie Grebien

Stefanie Grebien