Jackie Burger consulting with EGAFD student

Not only has traditional matric dance wear become so predictable as to be boring, the whole affair is a nightmare of unsustainability. Thousands of Rands are spent on carbon copy dresses to be worn for one occasion only. Surely there must be a better way?

This is what influential Jackie Burger of Salon 58 and design facilitators at EGAFD thought and will be showing this concept at the Venue D’Aria a long with Events on Stage.

The new movement aims to persuade designers and matric learners to make conscious decisions in planning and designing this significant outfit, taking into consideration the social, environmental and economic aspects impacting on sustainability. In doing so, we hope to create unique, self-expressive, nostalgic, possibly self-made as well as ecologically friendly matric dance dresses or co-ordinates of contemporary design.


EGAFD students hard at work researching for their designs…


… and discussing ideas with Jackie

EGAFD‘s second year students have been tasked with this innovative project, under the watchful eye of Jackie herself, who has even been paying unscheduled visits to the Academy to share inspiration with us! Designs have been finalised, patterns drafted, and mocks made. Since the proto-types took shape, the excitement has been steadily mounting.  We can hardly wait for the submission date (4th March) so that we can have a sneak peek at the beautiful outfits.

The red letter day for this project is Saturday the 9th of April 2016. All the dresses created by Elizabeth Galloway students will feature at the Matric Dance Fashion Show to be held at Venue D’Aria in Durbanville on that day, sharing the ramp with established designers Gabi Rosenwerth, Shana Morland, Jacques Lagrange, Ilse Roux, and of course EGAFD alumni Anmari Honiball and Teresa Joubert (Gelieft). Well-known Hannes van Wyk will be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, and Jackie Burger will contribute with informative talks and designer interviews. Proceedings start at 17h30 with welcoming drinks and canapés; costs are R220 per person, and R395 for a double ticket. Not to be missed!

The most wonderful part is that, after the show, the gowns will be donated to the Princess Project, an organization that aims to provide underprivileged learners with matric dance wear so that they, too, can enjoy that special evening.