So you’ve decided that you’d like to study fashion design. The next step is applying, which will require you to hand in a creative portfolio. But don’t let those words intimidate you. Here, we outline what a creative portfolio is, how you can create your own, and impress the pants off the admissions committee.

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The application process

TV shows like Project Runway, Fashion Police and Style Star make the world of fashion design seem glamorous, fun and exciting. And it is! But, it also requires hard work, passion, dedication and buckets of discipline and stamina.

In order for us to see that you have all of those qualities and that you’re serious about a career in fashion design, you’ll need to supply us with:

  1. a letter of motivation
  2. a creative portfolio

Of course, your application must also include your identity document and matric certificate or most up to date report, but you can read more about the application procedure.

Letter of motivation

This is your opportunity to tell us how passionate you are about fashion design, and convince us that you are a suitable candidate to study at the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design. Your letter should be brief, to-the-point, and free of spelling and grammar errors. In it, you should outline:

  • Why you have chosen to study fashion design;
  • Where you see yourself in the fashion industry.

And, if you really want to knock our socks off, include a few lines about where you think fashion design is headed. This will show us that you have thought seriously about the future of fashion, and that this is not just a passing whim.

Portfolio of creative evidence

Those words sound very daunting, but they’re really not. We just want to know that you have a passion for fashion, and a sense of creativity and originality.

All we require are three (3) creative works, which can take the form of:

  • a photograph
  • a technical drawing
  • a garment
  • a computer-generated graphic
  • a sculpture
  • a painting
  • a collage

The key element here is that you’ve created it yourself. It cannot be somebody else’s photograph/painting/artwork that you admire.

In addition, you must be able to talk about it openly and proudly:

  • why you included it in your portfolio;
  • what went into making it;
  • the thinking behind the design;
  • the original concept (what inspired you).

We are looking to see if you have an understanding of the creative process, a sense of composition and space, originality and, above all, a passion for design.

Tell us more

If you’d like to show us what else inspires you, please feel free to send us links to your Pinterest, Instagram, Blog and Tumblr accounts. While these links will support your portfolio (and give us a glimpse into your passions, interests and style), they cannot be used as portfolio pieces.

Portfolio Workshops

For those of you who don’t have a portfolio or would like to learn more about creating one, the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design is offering a Portfolio Workshop this Saturday, 1 June.

Where? Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design; 26 Techno Avenue, Techno Park, Stellenbosch

When? 1 June or 3 August or 28 September 2013

What time? 9H00 – 15H00

Cost? Free of charge, but if you would like to make use of materials from our shop the cost could be between R100 and R150

Please note: We only have space for 24 people on these Workshops, so if you’d like to reserve a spot, please email, or call +27 21 88 00 77 5 (ext. 119). We would love to meet you and share ideas, inspiration, tips and more…